Echo Panel

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Innovative landmark

Echo Panel is an innovative landmark product within the Woven Image collection. It has demonstrated an unrelenting commitment to its environmental performance and impact with its sustainable interiors while providing contemporary designer finishes. From just 2 colors in 2002, it now has an extensive collection including 7mm and 12mm options, Mura, Mura-pigment printed designs as well as three- dimensional tiles.

All colors from EchoPanel’s new palette are produced from recycled PET. For every 1,000 sheets of recycled content manufactured, approximately 4.2 tons of post-consumer waste is diverted from landfill (that’s 60% post-consumer waste sourced). This contributes to higher efficiency, energy savings and overall carbon reduction. EchoPanel has humbly achieved a Greentag Gold environmental certification via Ecospecifer Global and Lifecycle assessment.


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