Cedarside Industries, Inc.

Formerly known as CWC Industries, Cedarside Industries’ mission is to bring to life the designs of its customers. With over two decades in the interiors industry, Cedarside represents a wide range of brands from mid-to-high-end Fabrics, Blinds, Laminates, Wallcovers, and LED Lights.

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Cedarside provides world class furniture from brands such as Koinor, Decca, Point, Huppe and Pole System/Spacemax.

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Window Treatments

Quality Window Treatment materials from Tachikawa, CIC, Somfy and many others.

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Wall Treatments

Make spaces stand out with quality Wall Treatments from brands such as Vescom, Muraspec, Design Solution, and Woven Image.

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Storage Systems

View world class Storage Systems that can be flexibly partnered with houses or offices.

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Lighting Fixtures

Illuminate your office or house design with Lighting Fixtures from brands like LEDS-C4 and Unilamp.

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High-quality fabric materials that we can use for your ideas and designs.

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